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Success Story: President/CEO Glenn Fogel !!

Glenn Fogel is the President, Chief Executive Officer and Director of Booking Holdings since January 2017. He is also on the board of, BV, and Mauritius Co.Ltd. This is to say that Glenn Fogel holds three board and advisor roles including Member of the Board of Directors at, Member of the Board of Directors at, and Member of Board of the Directors at

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Who Is Glenn Fogel

Glenn Fogel has served as Head of Worldwide Strategy and Planning of Booking Holdings. He headed this from November 2010 before becoming the Chief Executive Officer. His hard work and ambition have made him become the success he is today. He was born in 1977 at Denver, Colorado, United State. He studied Economics at the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School. This gave him a useful sight into the economic industry, this shows the importance of studying economics when you want to become a successful entrepreneur like Glenn Fogel. He then, later on, went on to study law at Harvard Law School. Through studying law, he was able to become a member of the state bar association in New York. 

Before Fogel ventured off to travel websites, he spent his time as an investment banker. As much as he decided to leave it behind it became a helpful experience as he continued with his career, as he specialized in transportation when he worked as a banker. Obviously, his experience with working in air transportation became very beneficial to his current role in the business world.

Glenn Fogel’s Family

Glenn Fogel was born in 1977 at Denver, Colorado, United State. He got married in October 1998. He wedded his beautiful wife Amy Joy Robert at the St. Regis in New York. The bride was 34 years of age at that time and was an associate at the New York law firm of Patterson, Belknap, Webb, and Tyler. Amy graduated magna cum laude from Cornell University. This was where she was elected to Phi Beta Kappa, and she received a law degree cum laude from the New York University. Her parent resides in Scarsdale, N.Y this is where Amy’s mother teaches Hebrew at the Westchester Reform Temple. Her father has retired as the director of international marketing for the Westinghouse Corporation, in New York.

Glenn Fogel’s Education

Fogel’s studied at the Wharton School from the year 1980 to the year 1983, where he studied economics. This was his stepping stone towards the business industry. He got to learn the business and grasping all the knowledge he needed in order to successfully run his business one day. In 1985 he went on to study law at the Harvard Law School and graduated in 1988. This opened a couple of doors for him to become very successful as he became a member of the state bar association in New York.

The Evolution of Glenn Fogel’s Career

Glenn Fogel who is now known as the Chief Executive Officer of Booking Holdings, started off as Head of Worldwide Strategy and Planning of Booking Holdings. He was the Executive Vice President, Corporate Development, he sustained this position since March, 2009 and he was also responsible for handling mergers worldwide, strategic alliances and acquisitions. Before Glenn Fogel joined Booking Holdings in 2000, he was a trader at the global asset management firm. He was also once an investment banker specializing mainly in the air transportation industry. Fogel is now a retired member of the New York State Bar.

Booking Holdings

Fogel joined Booking Holding when it was still known as the Priceline Group. This company is now known as Booking Holdings actually started off as Incorporated, as this was the company’s initial travel website. After some time was then known as Priceline Group, this was the name that was used for operation from the year 2014 to the year 2018. Booking Holdings is a recent name, for quite some time it was just known as Priceline Group.

The name of the company changed from Priceline Group to Booking Holdings mainly because is not as vast as As a result, the name of the company had to change to capture the eyes of the market. It was very important to attain a name that would pop up faster and influence potential clients to use their website rather than any other traveling website. 

For a long time, Fogel overlooked the Booking Holding’s international operations, which was a huge responsibility for one to handle. This, however, groomed him for the role he is currently playing. He gained so much as he obtained skills through overseeing fields such as the marketing, strategy, and technology, it groomed him to oversee these fields on a much bigger scale. 

Through an interview with CNBC, Glenn Fogel raised his support for Booking Holdings’ acquisition strategy, which basically means buying another travel website. He voiced out that this strategy was one of the major attributes that placed Booking Holdings’ where it is today. He even mentioned that if the company did not acquire these other traveling websites they might have been in danger, as these companies might have acquired them out first. Fogel mentioned that acquisition was not the hard part however, it was after the acquisition has been completed where things get a bit tricky. This is because it gets complicated to find a way to get these set of companies to co-exist together without clashing. He mentioned that it results to further cost because taking initiative is harder than just speaking about it before existence or implementation.

Fogel said that he has spotted another target audience, which is the Asians. He pointed out that people in Asia are getting richer by the day, and most of them are now open to traveling and sightseeing other places. He also mentioned that it includes Asian’s who also wanting to visit other Asian places, which could be good for Booking Holdings if they ventured off to target Asia. 

Glenn Fogel has strived in the business world through his fighting spirit. He is always looking for new opportunities to grasp in order to make his business a success. He takes time to educate himself and obtain all the necessary skills he might need, in order to run a business to its best and full capacity. He has shown his wisdom and intelligence through Booking Holdings, as he keeps finding ways of elevating it.

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