You are currently viewing Entrepreneur: Neil Patel Life Story & Biography !!

Entrepreneur: Neil Patel Life Story & Biography !!

“Nothing is more satisfying than helping small business owners succeed” as expressed by one of the top 100 entrepreneurs, Neil Patel

Neil Patel received several awards from different entities like the ex-US president, President Barak Obama, and the US House of Representatives, and the United Nation.

His materials are well known and taught in the collages around the world. He helped, and still helps big companies to grow their revenue through digital marketing and assists small business owners to start up and grow.

Neil Patel Biography

Quick Facts About Neil Patel

Real Name: Neil Patel

Nick Name: Neil, SEO Guy

Date of Birth: 24th Apr 1985

Zodiac Sign: Taurus

Place of Birth: London, England

Nationality: British, of Indians origin

Residence: Seattle, Washington, United States

School: John f. Kennedy High School, California

College: Cypress Community College.

University: Yale University California.

Profession: Digital Marketing Expert, Blogger, Angel Investor & Analytical Expert.

Marital Status: Married

Spouse: Update Soon

Children: 1 Son

Net worth: (Approx.) 30 Million USD $

Co-Founder of: Crazy Egg, KISSmetrics & Hello Bar. 

Height (approx.): 179 cm

Weight (approx.): 60Kg

Email ID:

Contact Number: 562 237 2515

Net Worth: 30M$ (As Per Quora)

Neil Patel Early life

Neil Patel was born on 24th April 1985 in London, UK. By the age of 2, he moved to Orange County in California, the USA with his family.

His uncles had a business in the US, and his father worked with them. His mother was a teacher at first, but then she started her own business in daycare. Her business was successful, though not highly profitable.

Neil and his sister lived a middle -class life, but as Neil once described it, no “Rich”.

Neil Patel quotes

Neil Patel & Entrepreneurship

  • Doing Business at High school

Growing up surrounded by entrepreneurs (His uncles’ own business & Mom’s daycare) who think positively had a great effect on Neil’s personality. He has been always thinking about how to grow and achieve a better lifestyle.

His attempt to gain his own money was at his high school. Neil was 15 years old, and he started selling burned CDs to his fellow freshman students inspired by a cousin of his. Then, he started selling black boxes and hacked Satellite TV cards to classmates and their parents and generated a few thousand dollars as a profit.

Recognizing that what he sells might be illegal, he decided to start a legitimate business. He picked up a reseller permit from the State Board of Equalization which allowed him to buy car parts at a discounted price and sell them to other students. 

  • Working Under Different Corporates

Since his income was not stable, Neil decided to have a step forward and start a job. Therefore, at the age of 15, he got employed by Knott’s Berry Farm in the park services department.

Three months later, Neil started a new job at Quality systems. He received a few hundred dollars commission per sale. He was selling $1,600 Kirby vacuums by visiting American families and offers cleaning their carpets using the vacuum for free, and then sell it.

He quit the job after realizing that the price of this vacuum is way beyond the average American family’s budgets.

Neil Patel Networth

Neil Patel & Monster Jobs

After getting to know his sister’s boss at an oracle consultant company, where his sister worked, he started to re-think on how to generate more revenue.

He turned out to monster jobs searching for Oracle consulting jobs, but instead, he was inspired by business model. As a result, at the age of 16, he created his first website “Advice Monkey”.

In order to make his website successful, he had to hire two marketing companies which both did nothing. He ended up losing his savings and being broke. Then, he decided to learn internet marketing himself.  Advice Monkey was a popular website, but not successful as it did not support credit card transactions.

Neil Patel & Career Path

Neil decided to take his sister’s advice, and, with her support, he started general education college courses at Cypress Community College while still in High school. 

The main reason behind his decision to enroll at the college was that Neil made up his mind to start his own business, but being under 18 years old, and without a degree made it impossible to accomplish at the time.

Neil Patel & his first Marketing Consulting Client

As part of his study, Neil had to give speeches, and during one of his speeches on “How Search Engines work”, one of the attendees asked him to consult Elpac Electronics on their Internet marketing strategy. Neil managed to lock Elpac at 3,500$ per month.

This success with his first client encourages him to start up an internet marketing agency named Advantage Consulting Services in a partnership with his sister’s husband (boyfriend at the time).

Luck was again on Neil’s favor when the son of Elpac owner, who owns an ad agency admired what Neil did at Elpac Electronics and new contracts from new clients started coming on their way.

A Bad curve on the way

Neil Patel lost over 1 million USD by investing in Vision Web hosting company.

Establishing Crazy Egg

After Neil and his partner (Hiten Shah) lost in investing, they decided to a new company called Crazy Egg. However, they continued running their Internet marketing Agency to pay for Crazy Egg software development.

Crazy Egg was doing well, but it did not feature a billion-dollar company as its market size is very limited.

The foundation of KISSmetrics

Neil and his business partner decided to come up with another analytics company that would solve a larger problem than what Crazy Egg solved. Therefore, they launched KISSmetrics in 2008.

Their new company is on constant growth, and they released more software products under this brand. Also, they raised more venture capital from other venture firms and a few prominent angel investors in Silicon Valley.

Neil Patel Today

“Over the next few years, my number one goal is to share what I have learned with you so that you can have an even better life than I do.” Neil Patel.

There is no sign stating that this amazing entrepreneur will stop sharing his experience, giving advises, and education people.

Neil has mentioned it in one of his interviews that the reason he is still blogging is that he loves to do so, and he hopes to keep giving people a free education for better lifestyles.

Currently, Neil is focusing on KISSmetrics, his blog, educating and inspiring millions of readers around the world.

Neil Patel wiki

Neil Patel Important Facts

  • Neil helps Google, NBC, VIACOM, General Motors, eBay, Amazon, Microsoft, Airbnb, Zappos, American Greetings & Thomson Reuters to generate more revenue.
  • Neil shares his advises & mistakes to avoid on Forbes, Entrepreneur Magazine, Inc., Fast Company, and on his blog- Neil Patel-.
  • Neil received recognition by former US President Barak Obama as one of the top 100 entrepreneurs under the age of 30.
  • Also, Neil received recognition by the United Nation as one of the top 100 entrepreneurs under the age of 35.
  • According to him, being a successful Affiliate requires skills like creativity, data analysis and the ability to think/plan for long terms
  • Another notable advice: Having good networking is the key to success
  • During his journey to success Neil experience tough job tasks, such as picking up trash, emptying trash cans, cleaning restroom & sweeping up vomit.
  • He has created a “Facebook live Q&A sessions”.
  • In 2005, Neil was named one of the top influencers on the web by The Wall Street Journal.
  • In 2006, Neil started his first blog, ProNet advertising.
  • ProNet Advertising was named Search Engine Journal’s “Best Social Media Blog” and ranked in Technorati’s Top 100 for the first time.
  • In 2007, Neil launched the Quick Sprout blog.
  • In 2011, Neil and KISSmetrics received lawsuit for breach of privacy policies, but the company was cleared of all charges.
  • In 2012, Neil purchased Hello Bar.
  • In 2014, Forbes named Neil one of the top 10 marketing experts of the year.
  • In 2014, Neil launched the 100,000 monthly visitor challenge on his personal blog.
  • Neil’s Favorite Authors: Ray Dalio, Vishen Lakhiani, Grant Cardone
  • Neil’s Favorite Actor: Will Smith
  • Neil’s Hobby: Watching News.

Neil Patel Interview

Neil Patel Quotes Images

Neil Patel Quotes
Neil Patel Quotes Images
Neil Patel Quotes Images
Neil Patel Quotes Images
Neil Patel Quotes Images
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Neil Patel quotes

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SEO & Content Marketing, Paid Media, Strategy & Funnel Development, Social Media Optimization, Email Marketing & Lead Capture,

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Q. How much Neil Patel earns?

3M$ (As per Quora)

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 Neil Patel SEO services review

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