You are currently viewing Moz founder & CEO: Rand Fishkin Success Story !!

Moz founder & CEO: Rand Fishkin Success Story !!

The Audience and influencer intelligence marketing expert, and the so-known “Wizard of Moz”, Rand Fishkin, is a great resource for all startups, at a corporate level or individual, to learn from.

Rand Fishkin Info:

Name: Rand Fishkin

Place of Birth: New Jersey

Birthday: 10th July

Zodiac sign: Cancer

Mother: Gillian Muessig

Wife/Spouse: Geraldine DeRuiter (m.2008)

Residence: Seattle, Washington

University Degree: Not Obtained/ Not Graduated

Job Title: Founder of Spark Toro

Email: Click Here

Net Worth/ Salary: Click Here

Rand Fishkin Early Business life

In 2000 Rand Fishkin dropped his university studies from the University of Washington, to work as a web designer at his mother’s small marketing firm. During this time, he learned a lot about PR & marketing.

In 2004, Fishkin launched SEOMoz blog which is the most popular resource for marketing search.

In the same year, 2004 Rand Co-founded an SEO software company SEOMoz with his mother. He acted as the company CEO from the period of 2004-2014.

Within the first seven years, SEOMoz grew remarkably. The number of employees increased from 7 to 134, the company’s revenue from $800K to $29.3mm, and the company’s traffic from 1 to 30mm annual visitors. Also, he led three acquisitions.

In 2013, he re-branded the company from SEOMoz to Moz and shifted from focusing on SEO tools to broader web marketing software.

Due to a depression he was going through, he quit his position as CEO and was handed over to his colleague COO, Sara Bird in 2014. Then, he served as an individual contributor at Moz focused on marketing & product for both the company and its customer and community until he left the company in 2018

Rand Fishkin &

Rand has co-founded the website along with Dharmesh Shah. It is a website that shares articles about marketing. In 2014, they sold it to Hubspot without profit.

Rand Fishkin & Whiteboard Friday Series

Whiteboard Friday is the most famous video series about all of SEO. Rand Fishkin started it at very early stage of his company. It is a weekly series viewed by millions and helped trained many SEOs.

Rand Fishkin & Spark Toro

The year 2018 marked the birth of Spark Toro which is an under-development software company that focuses on audience and influencer intelligence.

Rand Fishkin & Books

Rand Fishkin has co-contributed to Art of SEO, and Inbound Marketing and SEO books. However, in 2018 and after 18 months of writing cooperatively with Penguin/Random House, his book Lost and Founder: A painfully Honest Field Guide to the Startup World was published.

Rand Fishkin Today

As expressed by him, today he is the founder of Spark Toro and the author of Lost and Founder. He is the chairman of Moz’s board, and he still owns 24% of the company’s shares.
He is active on blogging, and whiteboard Friday. He appears in an average of 30-40 speaking events yearly and is a frequent Keynote Speaker at marketing conferences around the world.
He is also active on his social media accounts: Facebook, Twitter, Pocket, Instagram, LinkedIn, Quora,
& Pinterest.

Interesting Facts about Rand Fishkin

# Although Gillian, his mother, is an entrepreneur, his father was never interested in the family business nor participated in any part.

# Fishkin’s wife, Geraldine is a writer.

# Rand’s Favorite Food: Pasta

# Hobbies: Travel, write, blog, and speak.

# Fishkin proposed to his girlfriend, now his wife, with a commercial, and it was also appeared in Oprah Winfery show.

# According to him, the best thing about SEO is the people

# Fishkin’s favorite Topics are Blogging, SEO Events, Moz News, Whiteboard Friday.

# He was mentioned, written & talked about in Seattle times, Puget sound business Journal’s 40under40, Business Weeks 30under30, Newsweek, The Next web, the Inc500, & many other publications

# Rand is proud of his appearances in Geraldine’s first book, all over the place in which she narrates her travel experiences with Rand.

# Rand is an investor & mentor in TechStars Seattle and Backstage capital

# Rand regrets quitting his position as CEO, and at the same time feels relieved and more relaxed

# He ranked his leaving from Moz 4 out of 10, in which 0 means forced to leave, and 10 willingly left.

# He was “Best young Tech Entrepreneur” as featured by Business weeks in 2007 In 2005, Rand Fishkin assisted an old shoe store to revive their business.

# Microsoft Frontpage was used to build Rand’s first website.

# Rand once had ended up half a million dollars in debt

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Rand Fishkin Interview

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