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Is Ketto Genuine, legitimate, Fake, Authentic, Safe, Real ?

In recent years and with the development of technology, life becomes easier, and the world becomes a global village. This eases communications all over the world, and between people from around the globe.

The use of technology serves a lot of cases, solves many problems, and helps in many human issues. One of the newest ways of assisting people is the crowdfunding via the internet.

The crowdfunding has been become popular in many parts of the world, to provide financial support to different types of needy people. India has one of the most visited crowdfunding platforms in Asia, Ketto.

Ketto was established on 12th Dec 2012 by its three co-founders Varun Sheth who is the CEO & founder, Kunal Kapoor, and Zaheer Adenwala who is the CTO & Co-founder.

This platform aims to assist whoever is in need, as much as possible, in many fields such as education, health, women empowerment, children, animal welfare, food & hunger, disabilities, transplant, environment, community development, sports, and so many other social and environmental causes.

Ketto is one of the most visited crowdfunding platforms in Asia. They succeeded so far in assisting and funding many cases, and in gaining a good reputation as well.

The question that may come into one’s mind is: Is Ketto a trustful Platform?

Well, to provide a good answer, we need to check how Ketto works.

People of Ketto have the “working with transparency and trust” as their main values and corporate’s norms. Based on these two important values Ketto acts. Therefore, Ketto applies certain ways to protect both the donors and beneficiaries from fraud. On their website, they provide tips and they provide a transparency explanation of how they work.

As a result, their procedure is straightforward, clear, & simple. It starts by simply raising a fund for yourself, a family member, a friend, or corporates and NGOs. Then, share your fundraiser with family and people you know, and finally, get your funds.

Ketto’s responsibility is to check how legitimate this case is. They verify every single fundraiser.

Before raising a case, the raiser goes through a check process, in which s/he must answer the verification questions, and provide the required identifications, and needed documents to support their case.

Then, Ketto ensures that the benefits should go directly only to the beneficiary or beneficiaries mentioned on the raised fund.

In terms of payment, Ketto pays the beneficiary directly after deducting the commission/fees within the promised time. It also provides the beneficiary of direct access that allows the beneficiary to withdraw his/her money at any time.

Ketto assures that all the personal information is kept hidden, to maintain privacy and provide the fund raiser’s security.

Also, Ketto provides several ways of payment, such as online payment such as net banking, credit card, debit cards and offline payment as well such as cash, cheques. They use well-known & trusted gateways such as Payu, Stripe, Bildesk.

Additionally, to guarantee secure payment, they have adopted an encryption technology in payment. The beneficiary’s money will be kept secure and safe until the fundraiser request for a withdraws of the amount.

Since they are an SSL certified, all the banking information, debit and credit details are kept safe and secured.

Another way to tighten the trust between Ketto and its clients, the fundraiser has access to his campaign at any time. S/he is encouraged to update the campaign to show the progress in the case. In this way, both the fundraisers and the donors will feel 100% safe by knowing the progress of the update on their case.

As a precautious procedure from fraud, Ketto does not show phone numbers. However, Ketto allows communications between the donor and fundraiser. If a donor would like to get clarifications from the fundraiser directly, they can request so through Ketto. In case the fundraiser is willing to contact the donor, his contact details will be provided.

In case a donor would like to withdraw the donation, he made, he can easily get a full refund at any time.

Furthermore, Ketto provides 24/7 support to answer, support, and assist donors as well as fundraisers at any time, and in any issues.

Ketto is genuine with its causes and aims. They try to work with a transparent attitude, and they do their best to provide a high level of security to its donors and fundraiser. Also, Ketto receives good reviews that support its genuinely.

However, it is still your responsibility, especially as a donor, to do your search on any campaign you are interested to donate for ahead. For example, in terms of health-related causes, it is highly recommended to check with the hospital by yourself to see how genuine the case is. Also, it is advisable to always participate in cases that you know its fundraisers.

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