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How to Apply & Participate in Josh Talks?

A World of Inspiration and motivations!

If you are looking for ways to inspire you, and if you are wondering if you still have a chance to achieve your dreams, then Josh Talks events, conferences, and video talks will be of great help to you.

Listening to normal people just like you, who managed to reach their dreams, and even go higher gives you the urge to believe in yourself and change your life for a better one, and that is the aim of Josh Talks.

The founders of Josh Talks believe that the key to a better way of living is being exposed to the reality surrounding one’s life, not education. It does not matter how well educated a person is, as long as there is a lack of communications, sharing stories, and experiences, the chances of a positive change will be limited.

Supriya and Shobhit have launched their first conference to see how a motivational life experience that is being narrated and expressed by a story-telling way will affect the audience.

This turned out to be way successful than they thought of. They received many responses from people asking about their next event or telling them how this conference has changed their lives.

This positive feedback and results led to the creation of Josh Talks that took place officially in 2015, and since then, this firm is growing more and more by size, spreading, and topics.

Is It worth attending Josh Talks Events?

Before answering this question, I believe we should have a look at the progress Josh Talks has made since 2015, until today.

At the first conference for Josh Talks, the audience number was 300 people. Right now, their audience per conference is around 5000 people. They started with conferences, right now they do workshops, events and video talks.

Josh Talks today has around 9,700 followers on LinkedIn, 1,7M subscribers on Josh Talks YouTube channel, more than 1080 Talks, over 280 million viewership, and 300+ events!

Josh Talks started as a sharing stories platform in the English Language only, and right now it is getting more and more customizing. As it provides its services in eight different regional languages alongside English, like Hindi, Marathi, Bengali, Tamil, Punjabi, Gujarati, Malayalam & Telugu.

Josh Talks have two ways to publish their events, through their online channels, and an offline channel through conferences & workshops, to ensure a wide coverage to almost all spots in India.

Within a short time, Josh Talks is considered one of the most popular media platforms in India, and it got several awards and recognitions such as the National Media Awards 2019, by President Ram Nath. Also, Economic Times and SturaHR have Josh Talks among the top 50 startups in India.

This quick and rapid development and enhancement of services prove that Josh Talks has a huge demand in place. From their first conference, Josh Talks’ audience was inspired, and satisfied.

Now, back to our question, the best way to answer is by sharing what some of Josh Talks attendees have talked about Josh Talks.

For example, Mr. Naman Modi, a former Intern in Josh Talks, has expressed his opinion about Josh talks as the following; “you are sure to regret if you miss it”. He added as well, as being an intern in Josh Talks, he has witnessed how they carefully plan and prepare their events. All their events are well-organized at least a month ahead to ensure that it will be displayed to the audience in the perfect picture.

As per Nanda Munish, attending Josh Talks is worthy. As an attendee, you will be exposed to stories that can affect positively the course of your life. He also says that at Josh Talks, they ensure to present the talk in a good manner to make it easier for the audience to feel part of its content.

Another Josh Talks attendee, Suraj Deshmukh, said once:” it is a 100% worth it”. He believes so because attending a Josh Talk will expose you to real stories that have a mixture of emotions. Attending a Josh Talks event also will awake motivation in you through entertainment and fun.

What makes Josh Talks more availing to people than other talks, is the fact that it talks about real-life experiences, and about people sharing the same hopes, ideas, and thoughts.

Also, it is a well-told story that makes it more interesting to the young people to listen to and comprehend.

Besides, it accessible to anybody. You can easily watch or attend their events, conferences, video talks and/or workshops. You can simply check their website, in which they update their talks, and you will get all the information you require.

Above all, their talks are available on YouTube, and Facebook free of charge.

How to be a part of Josh Talks?

If you feel that you can share the story of your life or your success and it will be a source of inspiring to others, then you may think of hosting an event (workshop or a conference) for Josh Talks or be a speaker. You are welcome at any time to suggest or refer a speaker to Josh Talks.

In the case of hosting an event in a college or university, there are many ways to organize it, but mainly through Conferences, Workshops, and Shoots.

Also, to apply for this, all you need to do is to send your request through Josh Talks website or email them directly.

Another way to participate is to be part of Josh Talks’ family. There are several ways, either to be an employee, intern, or a representative in one of the remote cities and coordinate the work of Josh Talks from there, which it is not easy for Josh Talks people to be physically available.

It is 100% worthy, to be a part of or to participate in such events; because it aims to inspire people in a very motivating and interesting way through storytelling. It touches souls easily, as it talks to everyone in the language they speak and talks about the topic of their concerns.

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