How to deal with a breakup?

Advising someone to deal with a breakup is just like saying someone to don’t fear death. Isn’t it? and even it’s not easier to be said.

No matter how many write-ups we humans write on this, but verity is that

it can never be confined into words; as breakups are contextual and it’s really difficult to get out of this phase for the person, who deeply involve in that relationship.

Though, certain steps are there which can help you to recover from your grieving stage.

Let your heart out

The first step that should be taken after going through this trauma is letting your heart out ” whether it’s by crying, or pouring your reveries on paper. Even you can do this by sharing with your close ones who genuinely care for you.

Because suppressing emotional trauma can trigger negative protent in you.

Such as – anger, depression, loneliness, and the intent to take revenge which will make your life worse even more, as rushing out to anything can never be the cure.

That’s not your end

After being apart from loved ones, our mind tends to give signals like ” your world has been ended, now for you there’s no essence to live “

But you need to remember that’s not your end; yet there’s more life left to live, so many things to explore. Whatever happened that was merely the part of your tales, and after getting over it you will giggle on these sorrows.

Determine the reason

Now you should determine that what happened to cause your breakup. Whether it’s because your partner was not loyal to you, he/she feels shame in having with you; or it happened in the process of paying attention towards long-term goals.

Now why I’m saying to determine the reason?

When you know the reason that just a day before the person, who was your entire life now merely became the part of your story; then you get a clarified view about your past relationship.

You get to know that why it didn’t work, was that your fault or of your partner?

If the fault was of your’s then you can take

initiative towards changing you in a positive way, even eventually that will help you turn into a great human.

Although no human could be ever great ever, yet by getting rid of some negative aspects & triggering positive into it; to some extent, we can contribute our identity as great humans.

What next to do

I know now what I’m going to say on that many’s of you will mumble to yourself ” easier said than done “

And that’s true advising something, telling others what has to be done & what’s not is just like without having interest reciting chants in front of god.

But you know what, you are the sole person responsible for what is about to come. As our deeds & efforts decide that what will come to us in our life.

So, rather than making your condition more worse by pondering on what has been done already, take some verge towards the future.

I know you can not do it while being a chirpy bird like a normal human do while wishlisting their bucket list. Yet little by little you can too wishlist your bucket list, to the things ever you wished to do in life.

Remember the life ever you wished to live & make a plan to grab that from this universe through your efforts and deeds.

Be your inspiration

To be your inspiration firstly you have to be the better version of onself. But how you can be ?

Firstly find out the part of your life you are lacking. Like to someone, it can be the desire to get fit. To another, it can be to learn new skills; as, they never pay heed to this while having in a relationship. And so, they never got a chance to fill up themselves with numerous skills.

So you too can have the lacking part, figure out that & work on it.

Though yet many times your heart will feel now it has nothing to find, even again and again your mind will exert you in the past while remembering your ex and somewhere you will chide yourself simultaneously on that.

You will try to command your heart to not remember your past. But as it said –

When you try to forget something, it comes into your brain more while haunting . .

So, never try to escape from your past musings you just let it come in your mind, let your eyes pour rain while crying; you notice that will vanish spontaneously after a while.

But never let yourself dwell in the past for more than a certain amount of time.

Involve spirituality

In today’s world spiritually became so underrated, people have been forgotten the true essence of being a spiritual human.

Either someone claims that they don’t believe in being spiritual, or many’s claim themselves as a spiritual person but spread dilate in this world.

The whole spirituality has been taken so wrong.

Spirituality is all about thinking that someone is over you who monitors this universe; whether it can be energy or an almighty god. And so it lightens up the faith in you, that one day you will get rid of that murk.

When you start truly practicing spirituality,

you get to know about the true essence and aspects of life, love, relationships. As, materialistic world project us everything in a materialistic way.

But when you make your connection with divinity, you get to know life is not what we people see. We are divine souls, came here to gauge this world, to complete the purposes for what we have been born.

Generally, we use dictum like ” someone broke my heart ”  though, verity is our heart was never broken because no can do it.

It’s only the delusions our mind feeds while being apart from loved ones.

Ankita Shukla

I am a highly ambitious individual wishing to seek more work experience in the field of Content Writing.