You are currently viewing 20 Website: Stock video Royalty-free for commercial use or Download !!

20 Website: Stock video Royalty-free for commercial use or Download !!

In recent years, with the growth of communication and the spread of social media platforms, marketing for your products, ideas, etc. has become easier and available for almost everyone.

So many companies and individuals are using videos to promotes their ideas. We may find a short video displayed as the cover page on a blog or website for example. By using video backgrounds in website headers have guaranteed more traffic, and it saves effort and time. 

Also, it added a creativity factor into your way of presenting, marketing and promoting yourself and/or your company. Not to forget that some websites provide free videos, and other reasonable fees so that it will enable you to easily market your product in a fun, creative and less expensive way.

Whether you are planning for new projects, new brands, or you try to increase the awareness of your clients towards your brands/products, using free stock videos or Royalty videos will be of great help.

We will provide you with 20 websites that provide stock videos or royalty videos. However, first I will define stock videos and Royalty-free videos.

The Royalty free videos mean that you can use the video as you wish and it can be for personal matters or business issues, without the need to give the distributor or creator an attribution. However, this does not mean than it is free for all the video providers websites, it means that you are not entitled to pay royalties for the use of video. Yet, most of the time, it is free, or with a very low fee.

It is advisable though to always check and read their terms and conditions before downloading the stock video.

Below is a list of 20 websites for stock videos and Royalty-free videos. 

  1. Pixabay

This is one of the easy to use websites. All you need to do is to look for the video you need, download it and start using. Also, you easily find what you are looking for, by filtering the search to reach your required video.

Pixabay’s videos are free to use, either for personal or business use. Also, you don’t have to create an account, unless you would like to participate in the community.

2. Videvo

This website has over 8,000 free stock footage ad motion graphics clips, and it is very easy to use.

Most of its videos are royalty-free, but it also provides labelled videos “Videvo Attribution License” in which you will need to credit the artist.

What makes Videvo unique is the fact that all its videos content is of high quality and safe to use. This is because all of them are curated by an in-house team.

3. Pexels

In Pexel, you will find and upload free stock videos for personal or business use without attribution. It is made of talented videographers, so some videos may not be highly professional as other websites are. Also, it is not easy to navigate.

4. Videezy

Videezy is easy to use the website and has an advance filter tool. On this website, you will find thousands of videos, including HD and 4K quality.

What makes Videezy differs from others, is that you must give attribution to Videezy. The videos are free to use. However, high-quality videos are referred to as Pro. To be able to use these, you need to create a Pro account, in which you need to pay for it. The more you pay, the higher the quality becomes.

5. Vidsplay

All videos are free to use here, but you need to give credit to Vidsplay. Also, it does not have a lot of videos to choose from, but still, it is easy to search for your video and easy to use.

6. Coverr

It is a royalty-free video website. It offers different and several subject matters in nature, animals, food, people, tech, artsy, etc.

7. Free stock

Free stock is considered one of the most helpful resources for free stock videos, photos, and vectors. You may look for what you need in one of the categories available in Free stock such as free corporate video shots, free industrial footage, free nature and travel clips, and free green screen videos.

8. Rocket Stock 

Rocket Stock is designed to fit the requirements and needs of editors and filmmakers. It is also known for its after-affect templates. You will be able to get free After Effects templates, 13 free 4K light leaks, 16 Free 4K light, and Dust Overlays among side with other free downloads.

9. Video Copilot Stock Pack

Video Copilot is a company that is specialized in training, design tools and artists. So basically, its target is to create tools that will assist people and/or companies to develop their tools in the training, marketing, promoting their products and services through filmmaking enhancement tools. Recently, Video Copilot has released a stock pack for free.

10. Big Stock

This website offers a 7-day trial period, in which you can download videos and staff you need for free during this period. Then, if you would like to consider this website as your source for video stock, you can enrol in one of their various stock video plans.

11.  Freepik

This platform has a community of graphic designers and vector artists who contribute to this platform with their videos and vectors. It is a good source for free vectors, PSDs, icons, and photos.

12.  Premium Beat blog

It is a blog that belongs to a Shutterstock company. On this blog, you will find videos, films, apps, games, and television programming. It provides anything that a company or an individual will need in terms of visual and audio effects, and more.


This website is a web library that offers free access to books, music, movies and has over 400 billion archived web pages. It is a non-profit library, and it has been active since the 1990s.

14. X Stock Video

It offers videos and clips, but it is limited to the subject matter varieties. You will find only stock footage in HD 720 or 1080 resolutions. However, it is well known for its high-resolution clips.

15.  The News Market

The News Market is a platform that aims to connect brands to the international media. It is suitable for journalism or documentary film making.

16.  Media College

This website is a free educational website that offers various tutorials on video & television production, audio work, photography, graphics, web design, etc….It has a small number of free stock clips, and its subject matters are nature, seasons, and animal. Also, its stock clips are provided in HD and SD.

17. Free Animal Video

This platform is good for animal clips seekers. Its subject matter includes wildlife, pets, and marine life.

18.  Wikimedia Videos

Like, it is an online library, it has several sounds, videos, photos, and other media. Also, it features varieties of subject matters. However, its search tool is limited.

19.  Hollywood Camerawork

It is a good option for education purposes, training, and people looking to improve their filmmaking, video productions, and photography expertise.

20.  Footage Firm

It is a free stock footage provider. All you need to do is to select your clip from their libraries, and they will mail it to you on DVD. You will be required to pay the shipping fees though.

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