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Sean Delaney Actor Biodata & Wikipedia !!

One of the young actors in today’s entertainment world, Sean Delaney. Although his fast-growing popularity especially after his role as Kenny Stowton in killing Eve BBC America’s series, he is still a mystery to his fans, when it comes to his personal life.

Sean Delaney Bio

Full Name: Sean Delaney

Date of Birth: 20 Mar 1994[

Horoscope: Pisces

Height (approx.): 176 cm

Weight (approx.): 64Kg

Place of Birth: UK

Current Residence: Manhattan, New York, USA

Profession: Actor

Marital Status: Single

Education: at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art (RADA), graduated in 2015

Net Worth – 1 Million $

Famous for: Kenny Stowton in Killing Eve Series

Drama works: Midsomer Murders, Killing Eve, Seacole (in 2020), Rabbit Hole Play, Labyrinth play, Measure for Measure, Chicken Soup with Barley & ferryman.

Sean Delaney Early & Personal Life

There is not much known about his life before his acting career, except for the fact that he was raised in London. His Mom was born and raised in Ireland, and his father’s parents moved from Ireland when his dad was 4 years old. Therefore, he grew up developing an Irish accent mixed with a London accent.

Sean Delaney career

At early age, Sean never pictured himself as an actor or at least considered acting as a professional job to pursue. Although his passion was clearly towards movies, and TV shows, he thought it was just a getaway from schoolwork.

He used to associate acting to something you need to do as a kid, or a job that you will be stuck with as a young child.

When he decided to consider it seriously, it took him couples of years talking and discussing the turn of event with his parents and applying for Drama schools in London. On his third audition, he got accepted in the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts) in London.

The way he views acting has completely changed and formed a deeper meaning. In a recent interview with him, the actor says that right now he is experiencing the beauty of acting.  

Sean describes the essence of acting in a very well said phrase: “I feel like you explore the different parts of yourself that you would never really ever go to. And find someone that you can either relate or not relate to- That’s the Best Thing About Acting”

Sean Delaney considers the TV series Band of Brother what inspired him to do acting. “I think that was the first time that I started seeing it as being an accessible job”.

Sean Delany & Notable Drama Works

The BBC America Series “Killing Eve”. This thriller drama series has accomplished a remarkable success. Killing Eve is a complete turn over for Sean. He moved from his home to New York City, and is acting in one of the most buzzed-about shows in television.

Sean Delany considers acting in this series “A dream comes true”. Not only being among the cast of a successful TV series but also acting alongside with Fiona Shown and Sandra Oh to whom he always admired.

It is nice to mention here that, Fiona Shown has visited RADA while Sean was in his first year and gave a speech about acting. Four years after, he is acting as her son!

Midsomer Murders was also a notable work for Sean, despite the fact the he appears in a single episode only.

The Broadway show Ferryman that receives high reviews. It has been ranked among many “Top 10” lists than any other show. Sean Delany plays Michael a 15-year-old farmer, and it takes place in 1981 in the Northern Ireland.

Rabbit Holes is the first stage experience for Sean Delaney after graduation from RADA.Sean once said about this play: “If someone had told me I’d be working with actors as brilliant as Tom, Claire, Georgina and Penny under the direction and care of Edward Hall at a theatre as prestigious and important as Hampstead at any point in my career, I’m not sure I would have believed them.”

Interesting facts about Sean Delaney

  • His character in Killing Eve, Kenny Stowton was originally meant to be in the show for 2 or 3 episodes.
  • Because of a Joke made by Sandra Oh on the third day filming Killing Eve, the plot changed for Kenny’s favor, and it has been decided to have Kenny as Fiona’s son.
  • The character of Kenny has many dissimilarities from Sean’s. Kenny is a whiz kid at computers, while Sean has declared the opposite by saying “I can barely switch my phone on and off at the end of the day,”.
  • Sean does not wear shorts, unless at the beach. But in Killing Eve, he thinks with shorts, it is easier to stand and walk awkwardly as it suits Kenny.
  • The most unforgettable audition experience for Sean was one of the worst embarrassing moments that ended up with a non- questionable failure. Ironically it was for a similar role as Kenny in killing Eve!
  • During first weeks in New York, he felt bad towards his accent. Right now, he considers having a mixture of the London accent and an Irish accent makes him unique.
  • Sean has two accounts in social media, Twitter and Instagram
  • Sean made an audiobook in Jun 2019 for “Forever Fallen”, the tenth final story in Ghosts of the shadow market by Cassandra Clare.
  • Sean worked as an assistant in a real estate office before staring at Killing Eve series.
  • Sean has never been to the States, till he moved in.
  • Sean’s favorite actors are Brad Pitt & Robert Downey Jr. his favorite actress is Emma Stone, and his favorite singers are Lady Gaga and Beyoncé.
  • Sean loves traveling and capturing photos.

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