You are currently viewing Brian Dean Biodata (Backlinko Founder) !!

Brian Dean Biodata (Backlinko Founder) !!

At the basement of his parents’ house, was the inspiration that changed the course of his life. After deciding to leave his Ph.D., and move out from Indiana, Brian Dean’s journey to entrepreneurship has started.

Quick Facts

Name: Brian Dean

Parents: Unknown

Nationality: Rode Island, USA

Residence: Boston, Massachusetts

Education:   Bachelor’s degree in nutrition from Rode Island University (2001-2005)

        Master’s degree in nutrition from Tufts University. (2005-2007)

Position: Founder of Backlinko & SEO Expert

Brian Dean Early Life

Brian Dean grew up in Rode Island, and his main concerns were to get good grades, graduate and get a job. Establishing his own business never hits his plans.

He earned his bachelor’s degree from Rode Island University in nutrition and his Masters in the same subject from Tufts University in Boston, Massachusetts.

Then he moved to Indiana to pursue his Ph.D. in nutrition at Purdue University. Things did not turn as they were supposed to be. Brian decided to leave, as he hated Indiana, his advisors, and almost everything.

Brian Dean & the Beginning of a change.

After leaving Indiana, Brian lived at his parent’s basement. This was at the recession period of 2008, and It was hard to get jobs.

At the basement, Brian started reading a book written by Timothy Ferriss called “The 4-HOUR-WORKWEEK”.

This book gave him new insights that he is capable of doing more things than what is he doing right now.

Brian Dean First website & Jobs

Brian Dean was a dietitian when he left Ph.D program, so the first website he did, was on nutrition.

It was an e-book and it did not go well.

Brian Dean Freelance life

At the time of writing his e-book, he was a full-time dietitian, and he did not have enough time for writing. As a result, Brian hired writers from Elance clients.

However, Brian was not satisfied with theirs, and he knew he could do better.

He quit his job and started a freelance SEO consultant with Elance client in 2010.

Later, Brian quit his job to focus on writing for his website.

During these years, Brian launched different affiliate websites which they started well at the beginning. Then he had to re-change his strategic and tactics, but they never last.

Brian Dean & Google Panda

In 2011, Google launched Google Panda to reward high-quality websites and diminish the presence of low-quality websites in search engine results.

This affected Brian’s website, and it lost traffic. However, this led him to learn how to rank high and get more traffic.

 Brian Dean & Backlinko

B Brian Dean considered the year 2012 the year where his actual success started because he started his agency that led later to Backlinko.

He launched his blog in 2013 and started his journey as a founder and SEO guru.

Backlinko is created to teach online marketers the needed strategies to get more traffic, leads, and sales.

His decision in establishing Backlinko was not encouraged by people around him. “A lot of people said I was crazy for launching a new blog in a highly competitive space like digital marketing.” By Brian Dean. Only few months after Backlinko was launched, it grew.

Backlinko today has 3 million readers yearly, reaches nearly 100,000 email subscribers, and 3000 students.

Brian Dean Trivia & Important Facts:

  • Brian’s first paid client was a gold & silver Bullion seller.
  • Brian’s advises are to have an easy to read and visual content, write in-depth and long contents with a short introduction, and use bucket brigades.
  • In 2012, Brian launched his first successful website by using white hat SEO.
  • During the period 2009/2010 Brian built over 150 websites.
  • Brian is considered a top blogger to follow by Forbes in 2017.
  • Brain is called an SEO genius by Entrepreneur Magazine.
  • Brian assisted marketers at Apple, Disney, IBM, and Amazon
  • Brian has been called as a brilliant entrepreneur by Inc Magazine
  • Backlinko is an award-winning blog
  • Success Magazine refers to Brian as the world’s foremost expert on search engine optimization.
  • Brian’s you tube videos has more than 170,000+ You Tube subscribers.

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