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Uma Ghosh Biography

Uma Ghosh

Uma Ghosh is a Dubai-based TV producer, entrepreneur, certified health and fitness coach and trainer, and an influencer who has been in the industry for the last 13 years.  She is highly acknowledged for evolving the TV industry in the middle east for South Asians.

She began her journey in 2005 founded ‘Queen Bee Production’ a top production unit on the line that is known for providing high-quality programming in the area and beyond. Using her banner, she launched eight successful shows on various channels in the middle east which include the high lifestyle of Dubai, top guns, love4food, ZEE Connect, TOTT, PropertyScape, and her own pet project. She has also bagged the UMA show to her name. The UMA shows reflect her beliefs that everyone has dreams, aspirations of living healthy, and whoever dreams of it, can achieve it. Over the past years with the help of her shows, she has created awareness for many common causes and interviewed many famous personalities starting from celebrities, artists, entrepreneurs, visionaries to political figures.

Her Experience

Uma Ghosh

The journey she lived in the TV industry and her interaction with famous personalities and cultures helped in her personal growth as an individual and made her realize the passion she had for health and wellness and fitness. This led her to pursue an education in this field and made her a certified fitness and health coach. It saddens her heart to see, how people are running a rat race for making their dreams true while neglecting their own health and fitness.

Thus, by using her knowledge and medium as a health coach, she started working towards creating awareness and empowering people on how to achieve an enhanced quality of life, achieve personal growth, and reach their potential with the help of positive lifestyle behavior and attitude. She believes that the achievement of personal growth, health improvement, and improved quality of life relies on living a balanced life and, for a balanced life, we need to care for our mind, body, and spirit.

Being a coach she always encourages people to be gentle with themselves and listen to the needs of their minds and body. She wants people to always explore for more improvement so that they can make changes that work for them and fits with their needs, desires, and interests.

Her online presence

Uma Ghosh

She has successfully made her way into digital space through her lifestyle and her channels in 2017 that helped her gain many followers upon its inception and till now it is still ever-growing. She also share that she had put in an insane amount of hard work and long hours to gain this knowledge, and she is still learning. Today she is committed to serving the people with her knowledge and sharing her wisdom with everyone in an honest and real way.

She believes that success may get showered but not at the cost of one’s well-being, there is a better option available for you that will lead you to a better life. Now, as a coach, her goal is to make people understand the importance of health and make them live a healthier and happier life.

Uma has endorsed various brands over the last 12 years. She is presently endorsing-


Awards she has been showered with

Uma Ghosh

2005- 2nd runner-up Gladrags Mrs. India

2008- Woman achiever award by Dhwani UAE

2009- Thy Style Icon Award by CEE Institute UAE

2010- Made her debut to India Power List 100 Most Influential Indians in the GULF by Arabian business magazine

2010- Masala Award for best TV presenter

2011- Was listed on the 40 most influential Asian in UAE List

2011- Young Asian achiever by Exponent Media

2011- Masala award for best TV presenter

2012- Gr8 woman award

2012- Power brand the rising star of UAE award show

2013- Acknowledged by Forbes middle east as a top Indian leader

2013- Masala Face of the year

2014-Won  Forbes Middle east top Indian leader 2nd-time continuously

2014- Celebrity communist @Gulf News

2014- Till-date- International celebrity; UNITED NATION-WORLD FOOD PROGRAM

2015- Acknowledged by UNESCO as a leader in business

2017- Acknowledged as a wellness and health influencer by Dubai Health Authorities

2018- Most powerful Asian list

2018- Wellness influencer by DHA

2019- Most Powerful Asian list

2019- Global Entrepreneur in wellness Award

Uma Ghosh
Uma Ghosh
Uma Ghosh
Uma Ghosh
Uma Ghosh
Uma Ghosh
Uma Ghosh
Uma Ghosh

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