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Dr. Rahul Jandial Biography & Wikipedia !!

Rahul Jandial BioGraphy:

Rahul Jandial, M.D., Ph.D., is the dual brain surgeon and neuroscientist at City of Keep hoping in Los Angeles, a cancer treatment facility certified by the National Cancer Institute as a Cancer Institute. 

Jandial is a senior lecturer who specializes in the surgical treatment of nerve system malignancies. His research focuses on brain tumors caused by breast cancer cells spreading to the brain. 

He was admitted into Stanford University’s fellowship program and hired as faculty at Harvard University after finishing his surgical study and doctorate at the University of California, San Diego.

Quick facts:

Born:           1972

Nationality:   Indian

Citizenship:  India

Education:  University of California

Occupation: Brain Surgeon

Title: Surgeon

Spouse:  Married 

Children:  3

Great Brain Surgeon:

Medicine’s history is also largely one of rejection, experimentation, and profiting from failures. The advancements come as a result of its flaws, not despite them. The purpose for surgeons is to increase our abilities and expertise while working to make failure as rare as possible. 

We want failures to be a terrifying sight, a threatened species, and when we do fail, we desire our flaws to be as minor as conceivable. We want it to be a soft landing instead of just a crash if we fail in the surgical procedure.

Dr. Rahul Jandial is a leading expert in the field of brain function research and enhancement. Dr. Jandial is a broadcaster and science speaker who has been dubbed the world’s largest most attractive neurosurgeon.

He is a dual-trained neuroscientist and neurosurgeon, the author of ten books, and a previous academic staff at both Harvard and Stanford.

Dr. Rahul Jandial, a neurosurgeon and neuroscientist, has been transforming the lives of his neurosurgical patients for years by putting them in ‘brain recovery,’ a specifically designed boot camp for regaining brain function. 

He utilises his knowledge to explain how competent people may rewire their minds to work in a higher gear in this site discussion with Hannah MacInnes.


His most recent book is a wonderfully written account of his patients’ perseverance, fortitude, and confidence, as well as the lessons about human condition he’s learnt from people. 

Dr. Jandial peels back the veil on the depths of a surgeon’s psychology that is constantly pushed to its limits, based on his own individual opinions.

Rahul theory behind Happiness:

Dr. Jandial emphasizes that we can transform from scene to scene since our impulses are not stagnant and “trapped” in brain wiring, but rather flow coherently in all areas. He’s seen serious brain trauma and knows what it’s like. 

By instead considering our brain as a circuit, I like to think of it as an environment. It’s remarkable to hear about such a traumatic event where the victim is still able to function and drive to the hospital. Even if a portion of the brain is damaged, death or serious harm are not certain.

Understanding that we are new every day is incredibly powerful. This places the onus on us to maintain our positive qualities and demonstrates that we can choose to gradually decline upward at any time.

Life is a Myth:

People make big changes and focus on things they enjoy when they see their own end of the story approaching. Patients get down to business, living their lives the way they want to deep down inside, but are sometimes hampered by relationships or occupations. 

Seeing so much, on the other hand, hasn’t been easy for Dr. Jandial. His ambition motivated him to be the best, and he was able to save patients with poor prognosis. As a result, he saw largely stage four cancer patients, who were nearing death.

To be great in anything you do not need to be wise or smarter, there are many wise people and with high scores are still jobless. With an average mindset and with discipline in your life, you can do wonders.

If in life you want to do something great or want to have some good time in life which you receive once then do not waste it on some temporary stuff. Think big and one day you will get there by consistency.

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