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Palak Midha Biography & Wikipedia (Palak Notes Founder) !!

In today’s fast and stressful lifestyle. People are least bothered about their health and as a result, they become more prone to various diseases and poor health. All this happens because of poor diet, and stress. As we all know “Health is Wealth” so  we all should keep health on priority first.

Quick Bio

Date of Birth : 9-06-1985

Height: 5’4


Brother: Pranav Midha

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About Palak Midha

Palak  Midha is one of the best Supplement Advisor and helping many people who are facing various health issues due to stressful lifestyles. You can follow her on Instagram and any other social media platforms and see her videos which are very beneficial in spreading awareness related to health. 

Palak Midha is Electronics Engineer by profession. But now she became popular and got her true recognition as Supplement Advisor . She has an inner desire inside her to do something for society, and give something back to society. It all started from Palak Notes.

Through Palak Notes, she found a new way to fulfill her dream to help needy people, as now she can guide them towards how to live a healthy and happy

life. Palak is a Certified ‘Supplement Advisor’. She is well familiar with the power of the right kind of food, the right time to eat, and from her experiential knowledge, she now decided to take it to the next level. Palak, through her innovative ideas and approach, aims to serve the Indian market as the supplier of world-class supplements.   

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Palak Midha History

It all started in Germany. Being a good professional engineering graduate, she secured a better job three hundred kilometers away from her home. Firstly, she was working as  electronics engineer. Later on, she also worked in managerial positions at Top MNCs throughout Germany. She had a tight working schedule which only allowed her breathers to enjoy some weekend evenings. She also decided to invest in a start-up company called Rakhi. One brilliant idea strikes her mind to develop a safety device for women, which is a band with an alarm, it would help females alarm people during emergencies.  

She also slowly started began learning about food and nutrition to provide good care to the malnourished people and later serve them better. And this is exactly where her real interest developed, and she bumped into her passion.

She always wanted to work for the welfare and betterment of society and help people by guiding them towards how to lead a happy life with no stress and worries. She first started by taking responsibility for her family’s health. She usually hears about her parent’s health issues. So, she started guiding her parents about a healthy lifestyle, diets, and supplements. They both showed drastic improvements and positive results, which convinced her more of the importance of getting extra nutrients through supplements. 

Palak learned about various supplements for three months.  She quit her job and started educating people about supplements & their importance. Presently she also offers complete mentoring and proper guidance on healthy lifestyle adoption for women. This great initiative of Palak includes everything from following a proper diet plan to regular exercises and from wellness to supplements. Her main motto and primary goal are to make women feel happy, healthy, and confident.

Palak also learned to shoot videos, as she was planning to start her YouTube channel, also learned how to speak in front of cameras, to build a great website, and most importantly, to inaugurate a company overseas. 

She has plenty of tasks to execute and give wings to her great innovative ideas and dreams, but she had no resources. 

As a result, she came across a lot of hardships and difficulties in life, but she never quit. She always tried to find out possible solutions to all her problems. And now she became the change maker that she intended to become for the betterment of society. Ms.Palak first started by selling uniquely formulated supplements online. And now presently she writes informative blogs related to health and lifestyle, offers suitable diet plans, proper consultations, and also offers a wide variety of nutritive supplements.

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Palak Midha Success & Failure Story

Like any other woman, Palak is also very ambitious about her career.  Today she is very successful and a great inspiration for all of us. Especially all women are very much inspired because of her great work which she is doing for the betterment of society. 

It all started in Germany, where she sees many refugees coming and traveling for months together without proper food and shelter. And slowly they all became completely malnourished and facing several health issues, and even after so many months, it would be difficult for them to recover from such a situation. This kind of scenario had become common in Germany, and their sad plight made Palak want to do something for them, whatever possible, and help them heal in whatever way she could.

Their tremendous situation inspired her to read about food, supplements, and nutrition so that she could get knowledge about how to nurse a malnourished person back to normal health.

All this was completely new for Palak as she came from an engineering background. The food that we intake can do wonders to your body if consumed in the right way and right time. This is what Palak personally thinks. 

She took up a Nutritionist Course, learned about various nutritional supplements, and then she went on to become a Certified Supplement Advisor. At last, she found her passion as a Supplement Advisor. It is a very great job to guide someone to get healed, have a better living, and put a smile on their face. The smile alone says it all, “Yes I am feeling happy, better, energetic, I am in a good mood.  At last, she able to realize her dream of giving something back to society.

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Grateful to Family

Palak is very grateful to all their family members. She helped them recover from various health issues which they were facing. Her mother was suffering from an auto-immune thyroid disorder, and her father has a chronic spondylitis issue. So with her newly acquired knowledge and experience, she started guiding her parents towards a better lifestyle. She advised them in detail about the daily diet that they should follow for their respective health issues and health disorders. 

She put all her knowledge, strength, and efforts that she could make. Her parents also took her advice very seriously and put in their efforts also, and as the days passed they both started losing weight and getting back to their energy. Thus leading a normal happy and healthy life. 

At the age of 58, her father started a successful company. And all this becomes possible because of palak’s efforts and hard work which she has done for her father’s well-being. It was all because his mind was actively working, alert and he could think clearly. He did not have any health issues that bothered him anymore and stop him to move further in life. All this credit goes to her loving daughter Palak.

Palak’s brother was also suffering from obesity since childhood. With Palak’s advice and guidance, he could successfully manage to lose 40 pounds of his weight.  Because of which he now feels a bit more confident, happy, and energetic. There is a sense of joy and fulfillment when you get to know that you are healthy from within!

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Wrapping Up:

Through Palak Notes, she is now able to make all her dreams come into reality. Her main mission is to motivate, teach and help people to integrate a healthy living lifestyle as a part of their daily routine. She wants each and every individual to bring a healthier, disease-free, and energetic lifestyle to her doorstep.

Hope you all are inspired by Palak and enjoyed the article also. 

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