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TED CEO: Chris Anderson Bio & Success Story !!

Chris Anderson is a change agent and an idea generator who is constantly looking for ways to spread knowledge more effectively through media. Started as a journalist and became one of the famous entrepreneurs.

Chris Anderson Biography

Name: Chris Anderson

Date of birth: 1975

Place of Birth: Pakistan

Nationality: British

Education:  An American school in Himalayas

                      Boarding school in Bath, England

University: Oxford University

Degree: Bachelor’s degree in philosophy, Politics, and economies

Spouse: Jacqueline Novogratz (m.2008)

Children: 3 (1 died)

Occupation: Journalist and TED CEO (curator)

Chris Anderson & Early life

Chris was born in a village in Pakistan in 1957, and he spent his early life in Pakistan, India, and Afghanistan. His father works as a missionary eye surgeon during this time.

Chris is his parents’ only son, and he has got two sisters. They, Chris and his two sisters, attended an American school in the Himalayan mountains in India for their elementary education. Then at the age of 13, he attended a boarding school in Bath, England.

After graduation from school, he went to Oxford University to study physics. However, Chris switched to Philosophy and graduated in 1978.

Chris Anderson & Jobs

Chris attended training in journalism and worked in a local newspaper & radio station in the Seychelle Islands. He spent two years producing a world news service there.

In 1984, Chris worked as a magazine editor for one of the early computer magazines in the UK by that time Chris was fascinated by the new field of computing.

Chris Anderson & Entrepreneurship

After one year working in the computer magazine, Chris decided to have his own by founding Future Publishing in 1985.

Although he started this firm with a loan of 25000$; for seven years the firm’s revenue doubled every year.

In the beginning, his company focused only on specialist computer publications and then expanded into other several areas such as Cycling, music, video game, technology, and design.

Chris, in 1994, decided to sell Future publishing to Pearson and move to the US; to explore more huge opportunities.

In the USA, he built Imagine Media and, in 1998 Chris co-founded Business 2.0 magazine with Mark Gross, and Journalist James Daly.

This magazine aims to record the rising of the New Economy.

In 2001, the magazine was sold to Time inc., and In Oct 2007 the magazine published its last issue, and it was shut down.

Also, Chris created a popular video game IGN.

Chris Anderson & Future

In June 1999, Chris successfully merged Imagine Media with Future under the name of Future, and this new entity was taken public to London. During the year 1999, the Future had an amazing year of stock-market glory. However, in 2000, they faced hard times due to what is known as “technology bubble”, and they had to cut down costs. Half of their employees were out of their jobs.

After two tough years, Future started gaining its stability, mainly, due to selling Business 2.0.

Chris Anderson & TED

As Chris gained great success with Future, he created Sapling Foundations which is a  non-profit private organization.

Sapling Foundations acquired TED conference, and in order to focus on TED, Chris left Future by the end of 2001.

He became the curator of TED conference in 2002, and he developed it into a platform, for spreading worth knowing ideas and knowledge in all fields, not only Technology, Entertainment and Design as it was originally targeting.

Chris has improved TED in many ways, he launched several programs, and prizes such as Fellows program that has now around 300 alumni, & TED Prize that gives its winners “one wish to change the world”.

California based TED experienced another successful change in 2006. Some of TED talks were published online, and they were received with huge success that drove Chris to move TED to be a global media entity that spread ideas worth spreading.

One of Chris contributions is the TEDx initiative that gives free licenses to local organizers who wants to organize their TED-like events.

This initiative recorded more than 8000 events that have been held, and an archive of 60 000 TEDx talks.

In 2012, Chris launched a program offers free educational videos and tools to students and teachers, called the TED-Ed program.

TED videos are free to watch and are translated into more than 100 languages by volunteers from all over the world. It has approximately one billion views per year.

Chris Anderson Trivia & Interesting Facts:

  • The merged firm and new entity of Future had publications of 150 magazines & websites and employed 2000 people during its peak.
  • In June 2015, TED posted its 2000th talk online.
  • On his own TED profile, Chris describes himself as a change agent, connector, Event planner, global Soul, Idea generator, Journalist, Philanthropist, Potential employer, Producer, & Social entrepreneur.
  • Interests and likes: TED, the world of ideas, scuba diving, hiking, biking & golf.
  • According to Chris, Global citizenship is an idea worth spreading.
  • Chris is good at making Granola, and Vegetarian curries.
  • Business 2.0 got its name in Feb 1999, while Chris was at TED’s corridor talking to Jeff Bezos.
  • Business 2.0’s first issue was in July 1998.

Q. Who owns the Sapling Foundation?

Chris Anderson

Q. Is Chris Andersen married?


Q. Who owns Ted?

Sapling Foundation

Q. Chris Andersen TED Wife?

Jacqueline Novogratz

Q. Chris Andersen TED Daughter?

Zoe Anderson

Q. Chris Andersen TED Net worth?

Upto  US$ 66M (2015)

Q. Chris Andersen TED Email ?

Click Here

Q. Chris Andersen TED Book?

“The Official TED Guide to Public Speaking” Book by Chris Anderson

Q. Chris Andersen TED Interview?

Q. Chris Andersen TED Website?

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