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How to Deal with an Angry Husband !!

Dealing with an angry husband is just like dealing with a volcano, which can blow up and splatter molten lava anywhere anytime within seconds. And thus it became the obvious concern for wives.

I saw many peoples fume in rage each and every time which leads to cause unusual fights, misunderstandings, and even leave a great impact on the members of the family.

Some men have the yammer that their wife is a short-tempered woman, whereas many’s women find themselves juggling with the same problem from the husband’s side.

And the proportion of having a short-tempered husband is higher, contrary to wife. The utmost reason behind it is that – men come out of their suppressed emotions through anger.

But how to deal with this? Often wife is the mere person who has to undergo all this, whether the husband’s anger is triggered because of her or not; yet she has to deal with the mood swings of her husband.

Know the reason

Life is not gonna the way you wish, it’s unpredictable. And so hallucinating that your spouse will always be perfect, with a calm temper is irrational to think.

You can have to deal with the short-tempered spouse without losing your calmness. Because if your spouse is angry, and you too started throwing daggers on them, then it could be turned into worse.

So if your husband is no more different than a volcano, he always erupts on you and you don’t even find a reason that why he is behaving like this. Then despite losing your temper while being calm try to know the reason behind it.

Unearth the past hour’s actions, try to ensure that you haven’t said anything unpleasant to him. If you find that yea something you did or said to him which turned him into a grumpy beast, then straightaway say sorry to him.

Keep ego on the edge

Now chances are, whatever you said to him is verity, you told that to make him realize his mistakes but he found that unpleasant. And so you ponder that why you should apologize to him?

You haven’t said anything wrong then why you would stoop in front of him? And that is obvious to think.

But you should have known when we knot in a relation, where two pillars have the responsibility to create a new world, new life, to nurture a family then that demand inclination towards each other in numerous aspects.

Sometimes you will be right, yet have to apologize not because your spouse is right. You have to do this because when someone is angry, and in addition; whether you start ignoring, or do not say sorry at all, make their ego hurt more & amplify rage simultaneously.

  • So whenever you find your husband angry because of your actions and words, just say sorry to him immediately.
  • Wait until his mood swing goes in vain, and after ensuring that his rage has vanished, now he is in the chilly mood, then try to talk to him about the scourge he created before.
  • Ask politely that what made him angry, and try to understand his point without passing judgemental phrases.

Try to figure out

Now try to figure out to what extent he is right, and to what you are.

It will help you both in keeping your points in front of each other, then after evaluating which one’s opinion is more inclined towards the welfare of relationship, family, and kids involve that in your life.

Though, sometimes husbands act too stubborn to validate their wife thought, on that point by taking back off, try to make them realize the pros. cons. hid behind his and your’s thought.

But never try to prove one’s point superior to your partner. .

Set boundaries

Many times despite adopting all these approaches, you could find your efforts going in vain. As some husbands have god gifted tendency to be verbally, and physically violent, doing things that are harder to tolerate.

In this case, you should have set boundaries, because there comes the time when you tolerate someone so much more than your will, then wrong interpretation hovers in their mind.

They start thinking that you are weak, you can’t take a single stroke for yourself. And so sometimes they take advantage of your’s, which left you making more frustrated and suffocated while being in that relationship.

And so, setting boundaries is crucial in any kind of relationship.

Walk away

After being a loving, understanding wife, yet will see your husband’s anger seems to know no bounds.

Because of his bipolar mood your relationship starts being pathetic, your peace is shattered, and your mind keeps questioning like –  how long?

In such cases walk away because you can not rein someone’s behavior, though can take steps to save your dignity.

If you find things are going out of your hand, none of your approaches are helping in creating a healthy relationship, then take matters into your hand and leave.

  • May it could even work as a sword in the process of realizing to him his own mistakes.

Sometimes that too could never change him. Yet many of the times chances are – to see the devasting stage of the family, he pledges to himself to not repeat those mistakes which he kept doing till now.

May it can turn your husband into a loving guy, who never existed before.

So, sometimes it is better to walk away rather than beating around the bush and always finding your efforts going in vain.

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