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Sahil Barua Bio – Co-founder of !!

People who begin at an early age, eventually do tend to go far in life and so Sahil Barua is of them.

The reason for his massive success is his dedication, and eagerness to learn. Though, he was bright in academics too yet every topper doesn’t own a company.

In the process of setting up one’s empire, have to put the efforts which we find out of the league.

But the one who pledges to do all those which are out of one’s league, and implement it through action simultaneously. Eventually, get approached by felicity, and enables enough to raise their own empire.

And so, to make you aware of your own’s capability, today I’m going to make you familiar with the persona who is the greatest paradigm of that.

Sahil Barua – The co-founder of most requisite e-commerce logistical company delhivery.

Sahil Barua quick facts

Name: Sahil Barua

Date of birth: 25 December 1984

Birthplace: Delhi

Nationality: Indian

Father’s name: Samir Kumar Barua

Networth: ₹ 338 crores

Profession: Entrepreneur

Sahil Barua early life

Delhivery CEO Sahil Barua was born on 25 December 1984, in Delhi. Like others, he too completed his formal education at St. Xavier high school.

And then went to Karnataka to pursue engineering in the Mechanical field (2002 – 2006) from the National Institute of Technology, Karnataka.

The more appreciable thing is that he didn’t even do a Master in Finance from the Indian Institute of Management Banglore ( IIM-B ) but was also around Gold medalist, Director’s Merit list at the Institute.

How his professional life started?

Mr. Barua started his professional journey with a short-term internship. This was during the days when he was pursuing his Mechanical Engineering and had visited the University of Maryland, the US in 2005 at the same time.

There, Sahil started working as a Research Intern on electronics packaging at the CALCE Labs for almost 4 months (May 2005 to August 2005).

Thereafter while Sahil was in IIM-B, again took up an internship job in London on the lines of a ” Summer Associate at Bain & Company ” in 2007 for about 3 months.

However, all these were solely internships, and even hold no value in his carrier. Yet the knowledge he gained from there was unpriced.

He also worked at Stayglad – Banglore based fashion brand. Though soon he made himself exit to this.

Sahil Barua’s entrepreneurial journey?

Success never comes in a day, umpteen numbers of ups and downs, there’s a lot of effort interpolate in shreds. And so somewhat his success story is too non-different from others.

You have no idea but after completing Sahil’s post-graduation, Sahil again joined Bain & Company in 2008, as a full-time Associate Consultant.

And within a year he got promoted as the Senior Associate Consultant in June 2009. Then he was focused on examining sectors like private equity, telecommunications, and healthcare.

Because of his relinquish diligence again he got a chance to get promoted as a Consultant in June 2010 with a more defined portfolio along with more responsibilities to take care of.

While working at the Bain & Company he got befriend with Suraj Saharan & Mohit Tandon. Amidst all this, the idea to start an online venture hit his mind, and as Suraj, Mohit too had a similar mindset, so they two proceeded with their hands in it.

And decided to start an e-commerce logistics, which named Delhivery.

As the three had friendships with the founder of zomato Pankaj shahadah and Deepinder Goyal. So Abhishek and Goyal provided them an undisclosed amount to execute the venture.

That is how they began their journey in the corporate field and established their first corporate office at Gurgaon with 10 people, including 4 delivery people. Later he allied with local restaurants and started fulfilling orders within half an hour.

At that time, the Indian market lacked a proper delivery system and so this worked well. It grew 400% within four years of the company’s establishment.

Thus in a way, among various competitors, his Delhivery model continues to rule the market.

Sahil Barua personal life

Sahil’s personal and professional life is no more different. He is a low-key person who enjoys his privacy much.

His morning starts with checking the Management Information System (MIS) reports, seeing the shipments that were scheduled to deliver, and calibrating the revenue generated. Then after he looks out the deliveries that need to be made today.

Sahil Barua believes, technology is the path to success. However, he can’t sit straightaway on the computer screen for a longer time. After every 20 minutes, he prefers to move around and talking to the team members.

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