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Prafull Billore Bio & Wikipedia (MBA Chai Wala) !!

Everyone has a dream but only few have the courage to pursue it. Although it is a great combination when passion and profession comes along the way.

In this article, I am going to tell you the exact story of a boy who dropped his MBA and opened his business for tea. Although making tea is not rocket science. But where there is will there is way.

The guy is named as Prafull Billore. Yes, he is that genius guy who just started from a small stall and now his business makes a turnover of 4 crore INR annually. It’s not a small amount. For some people it takes years or decades to make it happen.

In order to take a deep look into his life let’s start from his birth to till date activities.

Prafull Billore Biography:

Praful was born on 14th january 1996, indore, India. He has the nationality of an Indian citizen and has qualifications as a graduate. According to his physical status his age is 25 years, height of 173cm. Eyes and hair colour is black.

Quick Facts:

Born:           1996

Nationality:   Indian

Citizenship:  India

Education:  Graduated in COMMERCE

Occupation: Businessman

Title: CEO of MBA chai wala

Spouse:  Single

Children:  nill

Net worth: 4 crore annually

How did he get into the Tea Business?

Prafull Billore founded MBA Chaiwala in 2017 to pursue his dream of becoming a “big business owner.” But besides his lack of interest in tea, he developed a great Rs 4 crore profit margin business. 

Prafull is not a foodie or a make soup, but he has built a multi-million dollar business selling tea out all over India. Doesn’t that sound strange? But it’s not strange at all for Prafull.

According to him he had a very miserable childhood and not a good flow of money. So he wanted to do something big and make the best for all. His parents wanted him to get  a decent degree and started a high paying job. But he did not want to be someones slave and did not always liked to and someone else get paid for his hardwork.

Prafull Billore MBA Chai Wala

Dreams do come true:

Five years later, the 25-year-old is a multi-millionaire entrepreneur with MBA Chai wala, a Rs 4 crore revenue business with 50 outlets nationwide. In an interview with top magazine, Prafull explains why he drinks tea and how he managed to beat obstacles not only from his peers and from his family.

He used to remember those quotes and implement them on his small life journeys. Also it is of fact that only those succeed wh have a burning inner desire to achieve something. 

No matter how hard the situation is, things always come with some sort of difficulty and a very happy ending. Prafull is one of those shining stars who determined his inner talent and tried to pursue his own dreams no matter what the quality of things was at that time. 

Your Network is your Net Worth:

Prafull spent his savings in 2016 when he became 21 to ride the subway, bus, and rickshaw wherever and otherwise the money allowed. He believes that conference and conversing with new people has provided him with numerous insights. 

But his parents were always pressuring him to enrol in a full-time campus so that he can still finish his education and work for a living. As a result, he decided to take advantage of his layover in Ahmedabad by enrolling in college just for his parents.

He did, however, take a part-time job at McDonald’s and see how it feels to find employment. The pay was low, and it made him wonder, “How will I become a big man if I work like this really after I get my MBA?”

Prafull Billore MBA Chai Wala

Self test is best test:

Recognizing that not everyone is fortunate enough to obtain high-paying jobs, Prafull decided to discontinue his studies and open a tea stall in Ahmedabad’s SG Highway.

Other than chai, no other food or beverage is consumed in India. 

I had no clue how to make one, but I knew everyone would enjoy it. If I wanted to start another business, I would have to have a minimum investment of Rs 1 lakh, which I did not have.

Start-up is always a small:

His parents were worried, and relatives verbally abused him on a daily basis, but Prafull was wise enough to completely disregard everyone and concentrate on building his business.

Seeing a Speaking man selling tea, several more people were drawn to his cart, which had begun to gain popularity.

However, Prafull had no idea how to make tea and screwed up the first day by adding too much sugar. However, he gradually learned how to make tea.

“If anyone asks me to make chai today, I will decline. It bothers me. “I was going to struggle when I was selling tea on the street, but now I’m concentrating on growing my business,” he jokes. 

Prafull tried a variety of tactics to keep clients coming to his trolley. He used to start organising sports events and ludo games, as well as a smart board where people might also leave messages for their loved ones; this gives customers anything really new to stare forward to the next time they attend his tea stall.

Journey from small Tea Stalls to 50 franchises all over India:

MBA Chaiwala began to grow as a result of one thing leading to another. Prafull expanded into a franchise business cafe in Bhopal after operating from the SG Highway location for two years. MBA Chaiwala started with a cart and now owns 50 cafes.

Prafull stated that a chai business in India will always succeed, citing premium tea cafes such as Chaayos and Chai Point that have been around for a long time. 

MBA Chaiwala’s goal, on the other hand, is to serve the masses who want a comfortable chair in a cafe and enjoy a cup of  tea for Rs 30-50.

MBA chai wala today’s market worth:

My company was founded, but there were some limitations to trying to expand like big brands. “Like many individuals from tiny towns, ‘funding’ was a foreign word to me when I started in business,” he says.

According to professional consumer research, healthy production and consumption are driving the tea market in India. In 2020, the country will overstimulate 1.10 million tonnes of tea.

Prafull has started an MBA Chaiwala academy in addition to his tea business. His uplifting voyage and social media friendliness earned him a large number of followers, which he claims aided in marketing strategy.

Prafull, a digital marketing coach, talks about entrepreneurship and how the sky’s the limit for anyone who wants to follow their dreams.

“I would really like to make a rich man in every tiny town,” Prafull says, adding that he plans to open 100 MBA Chaiwala locations by the final moment of 2022.

Prafull Billore MBA Chai Wala

Wrapping up:

When asked how his parents would react when he skillfully built a successful business, Prafull cracks a smile and says that Indian parents are difficult to persuade; although if you show them results, they will not belief you; similarly, he had to assert himself, and things improved in definitions of their consideration for his coming years.

It is the reality that Indian culture is not so supportive when it comes to doing something big. But yes when you prove yourself they all get to yourself to provide you value and everything you have started in order to live in this cruel world.

Impression on yourself:

The story of Prafull is worth followable for those who want to take their space in the business industry. There are still some people who want to achieve some good in their lives. 

Everything is possible if you have strong belief to get it done and you can be the next Prafull be believing in your dreams and making them to go the way for others. 

I think Prafull is right, there are millionaires in little towns who are craving hard to become successful. You just have to know certain things and strategies which can make your vision strong and desirable. 

Moral lesson:

It’s all about the dedication and amount of sincerity you put into it. In today’s digital world, earning money has become the easiest. You just need that mindset, which Prafull is trying to put in youth minds. And I believe that one day he will achieve what he want to do for us and there will be every millionaire from the small town which will make things more easy and accessible. 

I hope that you must have learned something new by reading this article and gained so much knowledge that how one can be next Prafull no matter how hard the situation will be, good things definitely take time and they require your patience. 

Prafull Billore Images:

Prafull Billore MBA Chai Wala
Prafull Billore MBA Chai Wala
Prafull Billore MBA Chai Wala
Prafull Billore MBA Chai Wala
Prafull Billore MBA Chai Wala
Prafull Billore MBA Chai Wala
Prafull Billore MBA Chai Wala
Prafull Billore MBA Chai Wala

Prafull Billore Motivational Story:

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