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Gaur Gopal Das Life Story !!

Many have referred to, as the untraditional Monk, others as the lifestyle coach, while others call him “the Spiritual Guru”. His reputation and influence have reached out to almost every spot-on earth. Regardless of the cultural, religious, and language differences; he made his way into the human heart. He helps people to change their lives to better ones through mind development.

The Indian born monk, and the international spiritual Guru, Gaur Gopal Das has inspired people throughout his journey, by simply life coaching!

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Gaur Gopal Das Biography

Full Name: Gaur Gopal Das 

Nick Names: Gaur Gopal Prabhu

                      Prabhu Gaur Gopal Das

Date of Birth: 24th Dec 1973

Place of Birth: Maharashtra, India.

Zodiac Sign: Capricorn

Nationality: Indian

Current Residence: Mumbai, India

Religion: Hinduism

Education: A bachelor’s degree in Electronic Engineering (from 1992-1995)

University/College: The College of Engineering Pune, India.

Former Job: Electrical Engineer at HP.

Career: Senior Monk in the International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON), Spiritual & Religious Leader

Siblings: One sister- Name is unknown

Parents: Name is unknown

Marital Status: Single

Height: 173 CM

Weight: 68 Kg

Body Measurements:41-34-36

Shoe Size: 7

Eye Color: Black

Hair Color: Black.

Email id:

Contact Number: 082680 50000


Gaur Gopal Das Personal Life

Gaur Gopal Das was born on 24th Dec 1973 in Maharashtra, India. He graduated from Engineering college Pune, in 1995. Then, he started a job with Hewlett-Packard (HP) as an electrical engineer for a while. 

In 1996, he decided to end his career as an engineer to enter the spiritual world career. He Joint ISKCON which stands for the International Society for Krishna Consciousness as a monk and a member.

He has one sister. His father was a Parkinson patient, and he died in 2009.

His relationship with his Father 

Gaur Gopal Das has mentioned several times the story of him and his father. When he was at college, he did not speak to his father for 2 years due to disagreements in opinion (faith). When he became a monk, his father visited him and requested Gaur to start talking back to him. Guar accepted his father’s apology only because his mother requested so.

Since this incident, Gaur planned several times time to apologies as well to his father, but every time he met his father, they talk normally, and Gaur never said sorry to his father, till his father’s death.

Gaur has reported in his speeches & lectures, how much he regrets not telling his father this simple word “sorry”. He always teaches people to apologize to each other and forgive each other, as one day death will separate us.

Gaur Gopal Das Career Life

Since 1996, Gaur Gopal Das’ journey to inspire people has started. He set as a role model and an icon for many people, and as a source of inspiration to a lot more.

He spreads his thoughts through motivational speeches, and on his books. He published several books like Revival, checkmate, conquest and life’s amazing secrets.

 He is among the rarest Indian motivational speakers who gave a lecture at the Google Head Office and the British Parliament in 2016.

He was invited as well to give lectures and motivational speeches inside many international companies, and cities outside India like Barclays, Infosys, Bank of America, Macintosh, Ford, EY and many other firms. 

One of his remarkable speeches is “The Monk who Bought a Ferrari” which was held at the multinational corporate Ernst & Young in London. 

He also spoke at several TEDx events. 

In 2017, he was a speaker at the Project Management National Conference in India.

In the same year, during summertime, he was a speaker too, at the Third International Yoga Day conducted by the Consulate of India in Chicago, US.

At the “World Kidney Day” event at Ravindra Natya Mandir, Gaur Gopal Das was a keynote speaker alongside with the Bollywood stars Shatrughan Sinha, and Shammi Kapoor.


Due to his contributions in the field of spirituality, Gaur Gopal Das has received the Rotary International’s Super Achiever Award in 2016.

Also, He was awarded the Danveer Karna Award by KIIT University for his contributions to encourage the ideology of “Art of Giving” in October 2017. In the same year, he was awarded the Silver Creator by YouTube.

Besides, In January 2018, he was given the Ideal Youth Spiritual Guru Award, and in March of the same year, his show won the title of the Best Spiritual/Motivational show on the Web by IWM Digital Awards.

Some Motivational and Spiritual Insights from Gaur Gopal Das

Das and The Concept of Beauty

The real Beauty according to Das, lies in the soul, and how much a person can be helpful to others. He once said:

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In most of his lectures and speeches, he always focuses on the importance of pulling out the best of your soul. “We need to combine Beauty, Intelligence and kindness.”

Das and Success

Another worth mentioning insight is about success:” In order to be successful: you need to work Hard, have a great determination, alongside with patience. You will face challenges & failures that will come along your way. Remember, you need to never give up, till you reach success.”

Das, Decision Making and Choices

Also, Das always motivates people and assists them in dealing with tough decision making they may face. He always says:

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The ability to do correct choices in order to live our lives in the correct form that we deserve is a very important subject to Das. He always tries to guide and enlighten people in this matter. Once he said that the journey in an airplane is a sample of a journey of our life, in which the takeoff is beyond the passenger’s control which stands for our birth. Landing is beyond our control as well, and this stands for our death. Turbulences come in the way are always beyond our control, which stands for problems in our life. However, what lies in our hands, is how we choice to spend our journey and react to life’s problems.  

He believes that life is between the “two alphabets, B for Birth, and D for Death. We don’t choose our parents, family, nationality, race, ethnicity, religion, look, skin etc..the same applies for the Death we can not choose when, how and where to die. But we have full control over the letter in the middle, C, which stands for CHOICES.

Choices have a great influence on the course of our lives, either positively or negatively. Therefore, Choose well!

He has a very well-said phrase sums the idea of choices as follow; “Being a Male is a matter of Birth, being a man is a matter of Age, Being A gentleman is a matter of choice”.

Gaur Gopal Das Relationships and Social life

In Relationships between couples, friends, colleagues and people in general, Das believes that root of our problems comes from “the gap between Technical Rightness and Practical Rightness, in which Technical Rightness is what actual clearly seen and obvious, while Practical Rightness is what is hidden.”

One of his thoughtful and meaning full advise regarding choosing your spouse or partner is his simple straight forward sentence: “When I is replaced by We, Illness becomes Wellness”, So Whenever you find a person whom you believe will make this phrase comes true, then this person is the right one to spend your life with.

Das and Education System.

Das tries to draw attention towards the education system in India. He believes urgent, immediate and serious changes have to be made. He spreads awareness among people in the society to drive people to act accordingly. The education system focuses on numbers, not talents or improvements, and this has placed a huge burden and great stress over the student’s shoulders. Many of them have gone so far and ended their lives as a result to end the pressure on them.

Das & Self-Discovery.

Gaur Gopal Das believes that inside every one of us is a treasure which no one else can see it, help you to find it, but yourself. Therefore, we need to dig in deep to pull out the treasure within ourselves, and dig-out the dirt of self-doubt, until our Self-Discovery is in place.

Das & The Concept of Wisdom.

Das has pictured the Wisdom as an alarm, that rings to every one of us. However, people’s reactions towards this alarm differ. There are people whom Das refers to as SLEEPERS. This category of people never notices the alarm of wisdom no matter how loud it is. They will never change, or struggle to reach a better successful life.

Another group of people, whom Das refers to as SNEEZERS. They hear the alarm of wisdom, but they always postpone their plans till later. A third category is the FALLERS who wake up and respond to the wisdom call. They start changing their lives to be better, but they will soon, stop their attempts and fall back to sleep.

The fourth category is the WAKERS, who actually wake up, start living, planning for their better life and reach their success.

Das in the National and International Press

  • The Society Scene commented on his visit to Kenya by publishing an interview with Das with a title of “Focus on Blessing, Not Troubles”.
  • He was mentioned in the Hindu Business times magazine in an article with a title of “The Monk who HAM-ED it up.
  • ET Brand equity online Magazine published an article titled “the spiritual Talk with the “untraditional” Monk Gaur Gopal Das.
  • Muscat mentions Gaur Das after his visit to Muscat and writes a news about his lecture. “Urge and Passion to love your work is what drives results, says lifestyle coach Gaur Gopal Das”.
  • In 26th Sep 2018 Entertainment Times has announced the launch date of Das new book “Life amazing secrets”.
  • A “Positive Attitude Key to Success”, is the title of one of Das motivational lectures, and was mentioned in the Times of India magazine.
  • On 3rd Nov 2018, Das was mentioned by the New India Express Magazine’s article “Life’s secrets revealed with a dose of humor”.
  • Gulf News Entertainment has mentioned Gaur’s book signing event that took place in Sharjah in 2018. “Be a good human Being, Life coach Gaur Gopal Das tells UAE fans.”
  • The Gulf Today newspaper has also mentioned Das while he visited UAE. “Begin your journey of giving, says Indian spiritual guru.”
  • Khaleej Times Newspaper published a news about Das visit to Sharjah, UAE. “Live in Awareness for a quality life.”
  • “A seminar that teaches you how to improve your finances”, is the article title that was published by the Times of India.

Gaur Gopal Das Favourites & Interesting Facts

  • He is working in the field of spirituality and self- realization under the guidance of his Guru Radhanath Swami.
  • His favorite actor is Amitabh Bachchan, and his favorite actress is Sridevi.
  • His favorite color is Orange.
  • His favorite food is Punjabi food.
  • His favorite place is Darjeeling
  • His hobby is to practice spirituality, and he always prefers spiritual knowledge over anything else in life.
  • He has several social media accounts such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.
  • He is very active in the internet, as he has 1.2m followers on Instagram, 55.2K followers in Twitter, 4,341,018 Facebook followers, and 2.24m subscribers on his YouTube Channel.
  • He gave the Inaugural Keynote address (organized by CNBC-TC18 in 2019) at Indian Business Leader Awards (IBLA)
  • He has a 5 main advise or rules of life-changing that will lead to happiness:

1. Increase the standard of your life, 

2. Go with the flaw, adopt the challenges, and don’t be rigid.

3. Don’t live the life of “I”.

4. Choose Greatness.

5. Find Real Peace.

  • One of his famous sayings is: I consider so many people as poor, poor, absolutely poor, in which all they have is only money.

Gaur Gopal Das Quotes Images

Gaur Gopal Das quotes images
Gaur Gopal Das quotes images
Gaur Gopal Das quotes images
Gaur Gopal Das quotes images
Gaur Gopal Das quotes images
Gaur Gopal Das quotes images
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What is the real name of Gaur Gopal Das?

Gaur Gopal Das

Is Gaur Gopal Das married?

No (He is Single)

Where does Gaur Gopal Das stay?


What is the age of Gaur Gopal Das?

24 December 1973 (Age: 45 in 2019)

What religion is Gaur Gopal Das?


Is Gaur Gopal Das from Iskcon?

Yes, Since 1996

Gaur Gopal Das Net worth, Salary, Earnings?

Update soon

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